FIS Alpine and Nordic World Championships

Held every two years, the FIS Alpine and FIS Nordic World Ski Championships see the world’s best competitors in each discipline come together to establish world leading status. Whilst Alpine Skiing is the longest-established and best known discipline, all of them have a major impact – attracting television audiences throughout the world.


Focal point of the FIS Calendar

Due to their strong international appeal, the FIS World Ski Championships are the highlights of the ski calendar – with the Alpine and Nordic events undoubtedly standing out as the most popular. As a dedicated overall partner for the 2019 and 2021 events, Infront offers fully comprehensive services for the entire organisation of the outstanding events.

Offering worldwide media rights for the entire Alpine and Nordic events, the rights encompass all forms of television, internet and mobile, both for linear and on-demand. Broadcasters receive a quality of picture and level of support that matches the highest standards in sport today. All events will be produced in the most up to date and state-of-the-art technology and are filmed to capture the races from every conceivable angle. Sponsorship and merchandising opportunities allow sponsor brands prime visibility on site and on TV across Europe. In 2015, the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships reached a total cumulative audience of over 130 million viewers and the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships reached a total cumulative audience of 221 million. A hospitality contingent is also available.

The 2019 Alpine and Nordic World Championships will be staged respectively in Åre, Sweden and Seefeld, Austria.

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